From Russian Gulag to Alberta Prairies

The story of Maria Alina and Aleksander Romanko

By Maria Alina Romanko

( All rights reserved )












......For our Children and Grandchildren ......

"Especially for you" ... Such potent magic hold. They turn the smallest gift

on earth to one of purest gold. /A.L. Marshall/



Chapter I- The Lukaszewicz Family

Chapter II- Clouds on the Horizon

Chapter III- Deportation to Kulag Poldniewice

Chapter IV- Life in Poldniewica

Chapter V-Our Journey South-Escape

Chapter VI-Kermine - Karkin Batash - Kitabo - Krasnowodsk

Chapter VII-Pahlevi-A Gate to Freedom Sojourn in Persia

Chapter VIII- Olek Leads a life of a Soldier

Chapter IX- African Saga

Chapter X- England- Beginning My Life With Olek

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